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Aug. 19th, 2007

Aly talks to crows tree


(no subject)

Due to aim being horrible in chats, Sar can now be found for rping at: maidrostall :D

Aug. 12th, 2007


A cellmate for Natalie

Character Name: Keira Knightley
From Another Game?:Nope
Aim: In Sar’s Head

The Munthing
Your Handle:
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Your Character
Species: Valkyrie
Birthdate: March 26 in what would have been 1985 if she was from a world where this mattered.
Marital/Family Status: Single
Orientation: Hetereosexual, though it may be hard to get her into a relationship.

Where You From?:
Keira comes from a world much more closely linked to myths and the old gods than our own. The ancient Norse Gods are more than a myth for most people of her world, which, though it has existed for so long as ours has, still exists in what I would classify as an approximation of the Old Norse period.

In this world, the Gods are known for chosing heroes and champions as well as others to carry out appointed tasks and will gift these heroes with the occasional gift or physical trait to aid them in their quest or life’s path.


Keira was an ordinary girl until the age of about fourteen when her skill with riding, her good eye for judging warriors and her fervent devotion to Odin caused her to be chosen by the God to become one of his priestesses in training. There she improved her gifts and gained skill in them as well as in some feats of arms that were best suited to a woman and to one of her small stature.

Now that she is grown (though not much bigger!) Keira rides at the head of a band of warrior women like herself, though she is the only mortal and far less skilled in the magical abilities that her sisters possess. The job of her particular band is mainly to chose warriors from among the dead who will honor Odin in the field and escort them to Valhalla to be healed and integrated into the God’s army.

Powers: As far as actual powers go, not so much. Keira posesses strong glamour abilities and can make herself seem stunning in an out of this world way when she chooses to do so, though I don’t foresee it being of much use in Camelot. She also has an eye for warriors and while she cannot exactly grant them extra powers, for whatever reason, they seem to fight a bit better if she touches them before battle. We’re talking a tiny boost here, not Clark Kent to Superman or anything like that.

Abilities: Keira is a very good rider, has some rudimentary sword and bow skills and was given a boost by Odin in those abilities because she lacked in them. However, in Camelot that boost is not likely to work as well, bumping her abilities down to somewhere fairly average. Her real strength lies in her training with a pole arm. Due to her height and weight, she was trained in ways to use one to fend off foes on the battlefield, and she can use it both on the ground and mounted. I do not see her besting any knights in jousting, but I could see her knocking at least a few on their asses if the action took place on the ground and depending on her mood.

Aug. 6th, 2007


Introducing Natalie!

Character Name: Natalie Portman
Journal: nat_teh_strange
From Another Game?: Nope!
AIM: NoriD123

The Munthing
Your Handle: Nori
Where do we find YOU on LJ: *tsk* you should know this by now.
E-Mail: umn...
Time Zone: usually PST
Threads or AIM Preferred: both work fine.

Your Character
Species: Human
Birthdate: June 9th
Height: 5'3"
Marital/Family Status: Single
Orientation: Complicated question...

Where You From?: Natalie was born into a world where human males have been slowly dying out since the Black Death. The dominant society that has developed is a warlike matriarchal society rather like ancient Sparta. DNA research and improved survival rates for male children in the past thirty years has created a baby boom of children...some who just happen to be a bit more special than others.

Backstory: Natalie was born to a genetic researcher in Jerusalem in 1981. Her mother, who had hoped for a boy, soon began training young Natalie in the time-honored tradition: sword-fighting, hand to hand combat, international diplomacy...you know, the normal stuff. But young Natalie had no stomach for the finer arts and preferred frivolous activities like reading poetry or...crocheting. And that pesky telepathy. Needless to say, her mother was not impressed. Now twenty-six, Natalie works as a secretary at her mother's lab and clinic.

Powers: Much to her mother's shame, Natalie is a telepath. Why couldn't she have telekinesis, or be able to blow things up with her mind? Y'know, something useful. Besides, knowing that your daughter can read your mind (even though she promises not to) is a bit of a scary thing.

Abilities: Natalie would protest that her skills at horse-riding, archery, sword-fighting and hand-to-hand combat are "Nothing, I was in the bottom third of my class!" but...she's a damn good shot, and can defend herself adequately. She's also a mean cook.

Aug. 5th, 2007

completely overrated


(no subject)

Log in to your character journals to read a fun chat that has just been posted! Anwas demands it. And that all of our ladies worship him and start getting in a line...


Um. Go read yeah.

Jul. 31st, 2007

i aspire to be this cool


Profile : Asenath of Camelot

New mun, new character. I'm excited to be here.

Character Name: Asenath of Camelot
Journal: asongandadance
From Another Game?: no.
AIM: seeksthetower

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Jul. 27th, 2007

Aly talks to crows tree


Mommeh is home!

No you know what? Don't even bother asking about the title of this post. But now both mods have returned and we can commence with stuff, applications, etc. Have fun!


Jul. 26th, 2007


layout help?

I'm having immense problems with the community layout; there's something weird about it that always crashes Firefox when I go to any page that has this layout.   I can read what's on my friends page fine, but as soon as I go to reply to a comment it just crashes - freezes up and I have to ctrl-alt-del to shut it down. I thought I'd found a way to over-ride the style and just display my own style, but it doesn't work on all the pages.  Odd thing is, it's only been like this since shortly before I went away (about a week).

I really, really don't want to have to put IE back on this computer again - does anyone have any other ideas?  Ways to permanently over-ride this community layout (ideally without affecting other communities/pages)?

Jul. 25th, 2007


message to Ari

I have replied to the thread we've got going a couple of times, and I've also sent you a couple of emails to let you know that I've posted and it's your turn to reply, and has been waiting for nearly a week.  I've not heard anything from you so I can only assume that you're not receiving emails and not receiving LJ notifications. Or that you're not wanting to/able to continue with the thread . Can you let me know what's going on please?

Jul. 16th, 2007


vacation notice

I'm going to be away and offline from Thursday 19th to Tuesday 23rd July, for a trip to London, and I won't have any internet access at all while I'm away.

I'm going to see this on Friday night.  *beams*

Jul. 11th, 2007



Hello everyone, Kari the invisible mod here (much like my pup...)! Listen up kids, I've got something important to say.

We've started.

I know you're very excited to get going, but please read this post first. We have briefly discussed what you need to know about character arrivals before, but this is more than a recap.

You are all being transported to different cells in Morgan's dungeon, because of a spell that has gone wrong. Morgan's dungeon is dark, dank, and scary, but you should be fairly safe in there. Each cell is contained by four solid stone walls and a solid wooden door. All doors are locked. It is raining. It is night. If you are lucky (that's up to you!) there may be light from candles. If you are unlucky (also up to you!) you may have a leaky cell and be drenched in water. You basically saw a really bright flash of light and heard a strange voice and suddenly you appeared in this strange new place. If you listen carefully, you perhaps can hear your dungeonmates, though they are in other rooms and you cannot get to them... yet. Note that you do not observe any guards.

It is not, at the moment, the primary game direction that you escape, though characters are welcome to try (though it might be best they fail, it would be terribly inconvenient later). Because of the many enchantments on Morgan's castle, all magical abilities are severely diminished and taxing. Later you will all be moved to a larger room, though at the moment you're stuck in your tiny cell of horror and joy.

I am available on AIM as karisvoices, and Sar, of course (today is her birthday! Tell her happy birthday! The starting post was a birthday present for her) is insarshead. Feel free to not only explore your characters' arrivals, but the last 24 hours of their normal life as well, if you can find someone to play it through with you. We have a format for posting logs Located Here!Collapse )

We are still accepting applications, so if you didn't get your profile up yet, now is the time to do so, and we'll work you in! Remember if you have any questions, I am around and Sar will be around later tonight, or you can always shoot off an email or leave a comment to this post.

Other than that... have fun!

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